Google SketchUp in Linux

Install Google SketchUp 2015 in Linux and enjoy this fantastic program.


Not being an architet or civil engineer I don't have a deep knowledge of AutoCad nor other Cad apps. However I enjoy creating mechanical designs for my projects. That's why Google SketchUp is a fantastic alternative because it's easy yet powerful enough for my requirements. And it's also free!

I've been using SketchUp for a while and during the past 2 months I'm using it more than ever before because I'm building a custom NAS case. Normally I run Windows XP on a virtual machine for using SketchUp but it's not the most elegant solution. I researched online how to run SketchUp with Wine but none of the information I found worked. At the end, a mix between many solutions did the trick.

Using LMDE2 I was able to install and run Google SketchUp 2015 successfully as described below.


For some reason I didn't have any issues when I first installed SketchUp 2015 in LMDE2 using Wine, a few months ago. However after reinstalling LMDE2 and getting all the updates, SketchUp didn't install any more. I got "Bad EXE format for …" error. I'm not sure whether Wine (version 1.6.2) or other packets got broken with the update. After a couple of days dealing with this issue I found a solution.

Download Google SketchUp Make 2015 for Windows (check your CPU architecture). I downloaded the 64 bits version.

Uncompress the file you just downloaded (SketchUp2015-x64.exe). It contains 3 files. Yo need the .msi one which is the biggest one (around 150MB).

Install SketchUp2015-x64.msi by running the following command in the terminal (make sure to be in the right path)

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine64" wine64 msiexec /i SketchUp2015-x64.msi

This command will install Wine profile and SketchUp in ~/.wine64 folder. You can choose another folder if you want to, by modifying .wine64 in the previous command.

Running SketchUp

After installing SketchUp, execute the following comand in the terminal:

vblank_mode=0 WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine64" wine C:\\Program\ Files\\SketchUp\\SketchUp\ 2015\\SketchUp.exe "/DisableRubyAPI"

You can save the previous command as a script.

NOTE1: When you run SketchUp there is a problem with "File" menu. If you open it (with the mouse or pressing [ALT]+[F]) SketchUp crashes. What I do is to use keyboard shortcuts for opening, saving and other options that are available on that menu.[CTRL]+[O] = open file[CTRL]+[S] = save file

Besides that I haven't had any issues.