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Fernando Quirós


I believe that anything can be done by anyone who really wants it. Elements that surround your life should be adapted (hacked) to suit your needs. Whatever you do must come from what you believe and not from external influences. Failing when trying something different leads to learn and it shouldn't be punished. Creative thinking is the mother of all inventions.


I was born in 1981 @ Valparaiso, Chile. I'm the oldest of 2 brothers and from an early age I wanted to be an inventor. However it was told to me that inventor was not a career and I had to choose something else. In my teens I started building electronic circuits and playing guitar. I built my own amplifier and some basic guitar effects. At the age of 17 I joined Santa Maria University and 7 year later I graduated as a Civil Electronics Engineer. I worked for 3 year in Santiago, Chile where I enjoyed a good lifestyle. However, my thirst for adventure pushed me to try something different. In 2010 I decided to travel to Australia where I'm currently living.


My biggest passions are technology and audio. I spent most of my spare time doing R&D and studying a wide variety of topics. I play a few musical instrument, usually by myself. I enjoy listening to music while drinking whiskey/wine and reading interesting topics online. I never liked sports but when I was 23 I decided to join TaeKwon Do team at Uni. For some reason I loved it and in 2013 I became black belt. Now I believe that body, mind and feelings have to be aligned.

Working experience

I have worked for different companies in Chile and Australia. I have specialised in embedded systems, real-time systems, automation and programming. I have experience managing and developing life-cycle projects, hardware design, coding in C/C++, Python, Qt and HDL as well as project management, relationships building and leadership. Check my LinkedIn profile for more details.


People who have influenced me in different areas of my life: Frank Zappa, Bret Victor, Beardyman, Nicola Tesla, Mike Patton, Eckhart Tolle.

About this site

This is my personal site where I write articles related to my personal projects. My goal is to give some extra information that it's hard to find online, hoping that it might help someone. I also include some personal experiences, thoughts and ideas that I find interesting. Thanks for visiting my site :-).

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